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tive measures while battling the novel coronavirus. "The training was nice and clear. I learned how to protecX


t myself when responding to COVID-19. I would recommend them to extend it so that many health workers can benefit," said Elizabeth Achan. The eight-member team from China's Anhui Province consists of experts in the medical fields including laboratory technology, infection, intensive care, public health, and nursing. During their nine-day mission, the Chinese medics will share knowledge and experience with senior South Sudanese government officials, local health experts, medical institutions and also train SouthM

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sented a consignment of medical supplies on Wednesday to help Ghana's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. TS


he medical supplies presented to the First Lady of Ghana Rebecca Akufo-Addo include face masks and thermometers. Charge d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana Zhu Jing, who presented the items, said the donation was in response to a request from the Organization of African First Ladies for Development to Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, to support the fight against the pandemic among mothers, children and young people to 53 African countries. "At this critical moment as China and Ghana stand together facing the pandemic, this is a token of friendship from the Chinese people towards the Ghanaian people and a strong testament to the brotherhoodO

of China and Ghana who have shared weal and woe over the years," Zhu said. "This expression of profound fek

eling is an indelible deed in the history of China-Ghana friendship and shall always bec



remembered," he added. In her remark, the Ghanaian First Lady expressed sincere gratitude to the Chinese government for the enormous support for Africa in these difficult moments. "Today marks another milestone in the friendly relations between Ghana and China and is another proof of our warn relations. It is good to engage e2


ach other in order to restore normalcy to humanity because it is only bX

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